Very High Needs Funding

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Very High Needs Funding

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Most communities have a wide variety of resources available to assist you, so establishing links into these local networks is an integral part of developing long term connections to strengthen your opportunities to participate in your community.

Our Programs have been designed for disabled individuals to enhance community participation and vocational skills as long term sustainable outcomes.

Active Community Participation

When you leave school, it is important that you consider all options available in the lead up to successful and fulfilling future. Positive guidance and advice during this stage of your life are crucial as you work towards your goals. Our vocational program will focus on:

  • Dedicated conversations with experienced staff to set individualised programs and goals
  • Specific planning to maximise community inclusion opportunities
  • Designing a plan around your needs, strengths, interests and skill level
  • Working along side targeted services and community partners


  • Must be living in New Zealand as a NZ citizen or permanent resident
  • Aged 16 to 64
  • Be eligible for disability support services
  • Must be approved as eligible to receive Very High Needs (VHN) funding by the Ministry of Social Development

For more details please contact Smeena Bajwa on
or 250-4346 ext 716

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